Doctor Sultan’s Clinic offers medical specialist pediatric care.

It also offers lifestyle treatments for parents and children who want or need guidance or treatment to learn how to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Type of health care that Doctor Sultan’s Clinic offers:

  • Care of newborns and infants: Monitoring growth and development, developmental problems, feeding problems, sleeping problems. crying, spitting up, suspected (cow’s milk) allergy, general complaints of being ill such as respiratory complaints or pain.
  • Care for children aged 1-18 years: headache, abdominal pain, other pain complaints, fatigue and other long-term complaints. Poop and pee problems, shortness of breath, cough, allergies, short and tall height and puberty issues. ADHD, ADD, overweight and obesity.
  • Lifestyle treatments for parents and children.

No emergency care
Clinic Doctor Sultan does not provide care for which children need acute help. The GP will refer you to one of the surrounding hospitals for this.

Examination and research
For laboratory research we work together with…… at the location….

For X-rays we work together with the …….